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SOLD *Handcrafted Valentine’s Day Soap Gift Basket

SOLD *Handcrafted Valentine’s Day Soap Gift Basket

Handcrafted soap basket contains: 
* 2 Cinnamon Scented body bars (approx. 4.5-5oz. Each)
* 2 Sparkling Mojito rose shampoo and shave bars
* 4 sample size soaps
* 1 handmade resin soap dish 
* 1 natural exfoliating bag
* 1 loofa ball
* 1 reusable box/basket

Detergent free triple butter soap, scented with warm cinnamon and hints of clove. All soaps are made with the premium quality, all natural and sustainability sourced melt and pour (unless otherwise stated) base using skin safe colorants and fragrances. These handcrafted soaps are beautiful delightful for personal use or as gifts. Please email with questions. Discounts available.
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